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What are the opportunities?

BIMP-EAGA has the potential to help build a single ASEAN production base by providing supply and value chains and by supporting the development and active participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in productive sectors. Its increasing population and incomes also provide a growing market for goods and services. 

BIMP-EAGA promotes the sustainable development of industries where it already has, or could easily develop, a competitive advantage. These include green manufacturing, agro-industry and fisheries, and tourism.  

A rolling pipeline of priority infrastructure projects is designed to improve connectivity within the growth area and with other markets, making it more conducive to do business and opening trade and investment opportunities, including public–private partnerships for selected BIMP-EAGA projects. 

Infrastructure investments are focused on the development of the West Borneo Economic Corridor and the Greater Sulu-Sulawesi Corridor, which will link production with supply chains and provide opportunities for SMEs.