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Green Cities Initiative for BIMP-EAGA

Date Published
January 01, 2017

The BIMP-EAGA Green Cities Initiative helps build smart, green, and livable cities. It supports the subregion’s vision for sustainable urban development under Vision 2025.

In 2016, BIMP-EAGA ministers agreed to establish the Green Cities Initiative and requested the Asian Development Bank to assist in preparing comprehensive green city action plans with Kendari in Indonesia as the pilot city. Green city action plans will also be developed for other pilot cities in the BIMP-EAGA areas of Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The Green Cities initiative seeks to enhance city management’s capacity in integrated planning and management of urban infrastructure. It provides a framework for preparing a green city action plan, which details specific and localized plans for green development and investment, and covers urban management and institutional aspects, capacity development, and financing, as well as performance monitoring indicators.


  • The Need for Green Cities
  • What is a Green Cities Initiative?
  • Developing Green City Action Plans
  • Moving Forward on the Green Cities Initiative