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Green City Action Plan 2035: City of Kendari

Date Published
May 01, 2016

This report is about an action plan to transform Kendari into a smart, green, livable city.

Kendari is the capital of the Indonesian province of Southeast Sulawesi, which is part of BIMP-EAGA. It is the first city to be piloted under the BIMP-EAGA Green Cities Initiative, which supports sustainable urban development.

The Green City Action Plan 2035 is based on the local government’s vision to develop Kendari into a garden city that is “progressive, democratic, and affluent.” It provides a specific and localized green development and investment plan over the short to medium term and provides a strategy for achieving the city’s long-term vision. It covers urban management and institutional aspects, capacity development, and financing.

The plan identifies five priority programs: water supply, urban drainage and flood control, community-based solid waste management, on-site sanitation, and tidal energy generation.

The Green City Action Plan (GCAP) for Kendari was developed by an inter-disciplinary municipal Green Team, which was led by the municipal development planning agency BAPPEDA and the city mayor’s office. The GCAP process was supported by technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank.


  • Introduction
  • What is a GCAP?
  • Summary of the GCAP Preparation Process
  • Green City Profile
  • Green City Development Strategy to 2035
  • From Long List to Short List
  • Priority Green Programs
  • Final Selection of Priority Programs
  • The Next Five Years—Priority Programs, Projects, and Actions
  • Institutional Enabling Actions "Green Team" and PMUs
  • The Five Priority Programs—Action Plans
  • The Five Priority Programs—Finance Actions