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Environment Pillar

City of Kuching in Malaysia
BIMP-EAGA is making cities resilient and more livable through integrated urban development and environmental planning. Photo credit: iStock

Mainstreaming sustainable management approaches in BIMP-EAGA ecosystems supports the overall goals of Vision 2025 and its three outcomes: competitive and green manufacturing, sustainable and competitive climate-resilient agro-industry and fisheries, and a sustainable tourism destination. 

Sector Strategy under Vision 2025 Output Outcome
Environment Address the impacts of climate change through adaptation and mitigation.

Promote clean and green technologies.

Adopt sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems.

Promote public awareness and capacity building for relevant stakeholders on environmental sustainability.
Best practices and standards compiled and disseminated

At least 2 communities per member country adopting sustainable ecotourism practices

At least 1 community per country adopting sustainable and climate-resilient farming and fishing practices

At least 1 city per country with Green City Action Plan in the Rolling Pipeline of Projects (RP) 1 (2017–2019) and RP2 (2020–2022)

Green City Action Plan implemented by 2025

200 small and medium-sized enterprises adopting clean and green production technology by 2025
Sustainable management approaches in BIMP-EAGA ecosystems