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Food Basket Pillar

Food Basket Pillar
Tuna is one of the priority commodities in BIMP-EAGA. Photo exclusively licensed to the Asian Development Bank until 2021.

Establishing BIMP-EAGA as a food basket in ASEAN and the rest of Asia entails integrating the agro-industry and fisheries sectors and developing supply and value chains throughout the subregion. This strategy is expected to enhance food security, create sustainable livelihoods, and reduce poverty. 

Sector Strategy under Vision 2025 Output Outcome
Agribusiness Ensure long-term food security in the subregion.

Develop high-quality products for export.

Promote sustainable livelihoods for fisherfolk and farmers.
Subregional supply/value chains for 5 priority commodities: shrimp, rice, coconut, cattle and seaweed developed

Volume of intra-EAGA export of priority commodities increased by 5%

Volume of extra-EAGA export of priority commodities increased by 9%
A sustainable, competitive and climate-resilient agro-industry and fisheries