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Socio-cultural and Education Pillar

Socio-Cultural and Education Pillar
Performers during the first Budayaw Festival in General Santos City, Mindanao

Strengthening sociocultural relations is necessary for the long-term sustainability of BIMP-EAGA. Human resources development ensures the subregion will have a highly skilled and competent workforce to support development initiatives. 

Sector Strategy under Vision 2025 Output Outcome
Socio-cultural Development Promote, preserve, and sustain BIMP-EAGA culture and heritage. 4 Friendship Games

5 Budayaw Celebration of BIMP-EAGA cultural diversity

9 Sabah International Folklore Festival

1 Berkat Dari Laut Culinary Festival (Brunei Darussalam)

3 Pakaradjaan sa ARMM

1 Textile Exhibition

1 Conference on BIMP-EAGA History and Culture

4 cultural education Exchanges

9 publications
Enhanced people-to-people connectivity and knowledge exchange
Human Resource Development Pursue multi-sectoral consultation and collaboration in human resource development

Strengthened partnership among BIMP-EAGA Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) on improving competencies and sharing innovation and technology
24 partnerships among higher education and technical vocational education and training institutes

At least 8 training programs implemented and participated by 2 member countries
Developed highly competent human resources needed by the BIMP-EAGA community