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BIMP-EAGA is an intergovernmental economic cooperation program with the private sector serving as the engine of growth. The role of the public sector, both at the national and local government levels, is to provide a conducive policy and regulatory environment that promotes and facilitates economic initiatives of the private sector.  


Implementing Vision 2025

BIMP-EAGA Vision 2025 strengthens project management and processes to ensure quality delivery and greater accountability.

BIMP-EAGA Vision 2025 Midterm Review

A midterm review of the subregion's Vision 2025 blueprint was conducted to assess results delivery and overall relevance as a cooperation program. The report Accelerating Cooperation Together (ACT)—BIMP-EAGA Vision 2025 Midterm Review: Progress and Prospects details the key findings of the review.

BIMP-EAGA Project Manual Cover
BIMP-EAGA Project Manual

This guide outlines the key steps and processes in developing a project that will translate the BIMP-EAGA policy goals and agreements into concrete results—outputs, outcomes, and impacts—and tangible benefits.

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Green City Action Plan 2035 Cover
Develop a Green Action Plan for Your City

The BIMP-EAGA Green Cities Initiative helps local governments develop a comprehensive green city action plan.

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Case Studies on Sustainable Ecotourism, Agriculture, and Fisheries in BIMP-EAGA Cover
Case Studies on Sustainable Ecotourism, Agriculture, and Fisheries in BIMP-EAGA

This compilation of case studies from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines showcases collaborative approaches to environmental management in the tourism, agriculture, and fisheries sectors.

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BIMP-EAGA’s Economic Corridors Business Perceptions about the Investment Climate
BIMP-EAGA’s Economic Corridors—Business Perceptions about the Investment Climate

A business perceptions survey identifies the key factors that influence investment decisions in BIMP-EAGA economic corridors.

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